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Artificial Intelligence Against Air Pollution
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Hannah Bettenhausen
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Harburger Schloßstraße
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About the company
Breeze is developing the future of environmental sensing and analysis software. Our miniature air quality sensors measure all important pollutants - for example, soot, nitrogen oxides, ozone, fine dust and many more. Our solutions enable you to monitor air quality in real-time across the board, whether in your business premises or in an urban context.

About our product
Breeze develops cloud applications for the automated analysis of environmental data and thus helps companies & cities to create a better environment. Our air quality sensors for highly scalable outdoor & indoor networks are up to 1,000x less expensive than current standard solutions.

The Team
Our team consists of scientists, engineers, analysts, computer scientists, designers and former consultants with international professional experience. We have been supported by several EU start-up programs and work closely with well-known research institutes and universities. We are rooted in Hamburg, but our team is on the road worldwide.

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